You don’t have just one story. You have dozens of them, each with its own spin and framing, depending on the message you want to get across. Our first step in the storytelling process is actually to listen: in order to find the right story for your needs, we take a deep dive into understanding your brand, your promises, and your goals.


Once we understand your objective – maybe it’s building brand awareness or targeting new customers – we begin our search for the narrative that will drive your message into the hearts of your audience. Our storytelling process, developed over a decade working with brands, nonprofits, and ad agencies, gives you a framework for constructing a video that’s powerful and effective.


Stonecastle’s core team of producers and directors, together with a national network of trusted creatives, go into the field and bring your story to life. From full-scale commercial productions to lean-and-mean documentary teams, Stonecastle handles the entire filmmaking process from start to finish.