A healthcare TV campaign in their own words

Nashville-based Bohan Advertising approached Stonecastle to direct and produce two documentary-style healthcare commercials for the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and Winnie Palmer Women’s Hospital, now known as Orlando Health. As often happens, the shoot came together at the last minute, so our job was to find the story as we were filming.

  • Client: Arnold Palmer Hospital
  • Agency: BOHAN Advertising
  • Type: Healthcare, Brands
  • Deliverable: TV Commercials
  • Services: Video Production, Scriptwriting

The Project


Part of the art of filmmaking is to make everything look like it was easy and that it all came together without any surprises. Hopefully, when you watch these two spots Stonecastle made for Orlando Health, that’s how it looks. Behind the scenes, we flew into town the day before the shoots with only a few hours to scout the locations, plan our shots, and meet the interview subjects. No pressure.


Our background in journalism helps in situations like this. We just know how to get things done when time is short. With a very small but efficient commercial crew, we made the most of every location, scheduling our two days of filming wisely so that we could deliver spots that looked as if the whole thing was storyboarded weeks in advance.

The Campaign

Stonecastle received a Hospital Marketing National Award for its TV campaign for Arnold Palmer Hospital. The commercials, which won for “best televsion campaign,” was created in partnership with Bohan Advertising.