A video agency for healthcare

As a video agency, Stonecastle provides you with more than just video production. We start at the very beginning, helping you develop a storytelling framework that produces the right web video, commercial, or documentary to achieve your goals. Want to see what that looks like in real life? Here’s how we helped Vanderbilt Medical Center find its story.

Get big value with a small team

Stonecastle has filmed in clinics and hospitals all over the world and we understand how to get the job done without creating disruptions. Our process is built for speed, quality, and precision – which means we provide commercial-quality production without the headache of, well, commercial productions.

Turn complex ideas into compelling stories

Stonecastle translates complex ideas into content that engages your audience along the entire patient journey. Our insights lay the groundwork for effective messaging that achieves marketing objectives, whether it’s building brand awareness, driving higher engagement, or increasing patient volumes.

Get more video content for less

Your story is more than one video, so why shoot just one at a time? We understand that video production is expensive, so we maximize our shoot days to capture additional assets for use in other videos. Turn your brand video into a short documentary. Or your explainer video into a social media campaign.

Healthcare Clients